Cantina Baldassarri P.IVA 03117280549

The winery is open from Monday to Saturday during these times: from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 3 pm to 7.30 pm

La Cantina rimane aperta dal lunedì al sabato nei seguenti orari: 8:30-13:00 e 15:00-19:30

The winery is endowed with the most modern wine making equipment.
Let’s briefly see what are the technical-oenological strengths of Cantina Baldassarri

  1. The red grapes are conveyed directly by gravity to the stainless-steel vats, which are located on a lower floor than the grape unloading room. This allows less friction and less lees production.
  2. The racking takes place through the use of trolleys and lifting belts and not through pumps or gears. This means that the fermented marc undergoes a softer treatment with less production of lees.
  3. In white winemaking, the grape must, that comes out from the pneumatic press naturally and statically, clears up inside tanks equipped with cooling band and totally insulated. This allows a lower oxygenation of the product and a better settling at a controlled temperature, thus avoiding unwanted fermentation starts.
  4. The presence of cold and heat on all the tanks in the cellar and inside the refinement and packaging rooms allows to maintain the desired temperature constant throughout the year.
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